Maju Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd. set up and facilities are fully equipped to provide all related maintenance, repair and overhaul of transmission units. With our capital investment on critical equipment, i.e. dyno tester, valve calibration tester and complete range of diagnostic software and special tools for the latest model of Allison Transmission.

Our customers and users are well assured that our services is of high quality and in line with Allison standard practice and guidelines.

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New Unit – New unit of Allison transmission comes with factory warranty and client can opt for extended warranty (Extended Transmission Coverage). Allison 4th Generation models / services are designed for customer who requires the very best performance in certain specialized application.

Latest service and diagnostic tools, Maju Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd is reorganized as a competent center to provide, repair, service and overhaul of the brand new Allison Transmission 4th Generation Controls.

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Maintenance – With our flexible maintenance concept, we match the maintenance intervals optimally to the application and the service conditions with Allison recommendation and guideline. This improves availability and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Our maintenance system is based on extensive experience and component calculations, allowing us to make accurate estimates on maintenance intervals for our transmission.

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Q: What maintenance procedures should on-/off-highway truck operators follow to ensure a transmission does not fail prematurely? Is it a combination of operating techniques and simple maintenance procedures, or other criteria?

A: Optimum performance and reliability of heavy-duty automatic transmissions can be noticeably influenced by the type of fluid used and the frequency with which that fluid is changed. Allison Transmission Division and General Motors have designed extensive programs including specifications.

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