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Support Services

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New Unit – New unit of Allison transmission comes with factory warranty and client can opt for extended warranty (Extended Transmission Coverage). Allison 4th Generation models / services are designed for customer who requires the very best performance in certain specialized application. Latest service and diagnostic tools, Maju EngineeringServices Sdn. Bhd is reorganized as a competent center to provide, repair, service and overhaul of the brand new Allison Transmission 4th Generation Controls.

Rebuilt or Reman Unit - Reconditioned or Rebuilt transmission means that you receive economically-priced transmission which deliver the service life and quality at par of new unit. The available range of Reman units is continually being extended. Information on the current range is available from Maju EngineeringServices Sdn. Bhd. Our product support program is also able to offer customers individually-tailored concepts for stocking spare/swing units. With warranty coverage by MESSB, customers are assured of the reliability and support of the units.

Spare parts and tools – The speedy supply of spare parts is crucial if powertrain and drive systems are to be maintained efficiently in order to ensure that a vehicle or equipment achieves optimum operational availability. That is why a rapid and reliable spare parts service is the main pillar of our Product Support Organization. Together with the Regional parts distribution Center in Shanghai, MESSB being the authorized direct dealer facilitate the fastest possible delivery of service components and spares as well as tools.

Training for operation, maintenance and shop personnel – - Optimum operation of a powertrain and related electronic systems with respect to economy, availability and reliability can be achieved only through correct operation and maintenance. The goal of experienced instructors from both MESSB as well as from Allison Regional Office is to provide sound information on operation, maintenance and repair through well-structured courses. MESSB provides training on transmission, assemblies and electronic systems available at our training center in Shah Alam. The courses are held based on clients requirement and are adapted to the level of knowledge and experience of the course participants.

On-site Support – Intensive product support on site is a matter of course for MESSB. In addition to personnel from our establishment, representatives from Allison Regional Distributors are available to provide critical support to our clients. A constant exchange of information as well as continuous expansion of our know-how puts us in the position to be able to offer our customers optimum solutions. Periodic visits by our product-support experts contribute to successful partnership with our customers.

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